Our story

We always wanted to have an impact and change the world with science. We envision a world where every scientist, researcher and curious person understand and use artificial intelligence for their job. Artificial intelligence will change radically our world.

We imagine a world where artificial intelligence is not merely a tool, but a new paradigm for doing science that will usher us in a new era and will help solving all great humanity problems.

How it began

Since 2018 we work hard to develop new ways of using artificial intelligence to have an impact in science.

We envision a new era of science in which all scientists use artificial intelligence in new and innovative ways to better understand nature and help solve the great humanity problems.


We believe that the existing resources to learn machine learning are not enough, both in number and in topics covered.

The most advanced methods are not available to a large number of researchers and we work hard to try to address this problem.

We imagine a world where access to machine learning education is available to all scientific community.

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Who we are

Umberto Michelucci

Umberto Michelucci

co-Founder and chief AI Scientist

Francesca Venturini

Francesca Venturini


  • Master of Physics University of Florence (Italy)
  • PhD Technische Universität München (Germany) in Raman scattering in supercondutors
  • Projektleiterin Bruker BiospinAG
  • Abteilungsleiterin Mettler-Toledo AG
  • Prof. ZHAW,  Physik, Angewandte Optik
  • Founder Toelt GmbH
Arnaud Gucciardi

Arnaud Gucciardi

Early Stage Researcher

  • BSc in pure Maths at the University of Lille, France.
  • 2 years of a Master degree in Computer Science
  • MSc in Bioinformatics in 2021