We provide training in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence at all levels, from very technical to high level and business oriented. We have give trainings to researchers, university lecturers, students but also to CIOs and to management boards.

Our founder, Umberto Michelucci, is a Google Developer Expert with a deep technical understanding of both theory and development of complicated models. In particular he is a recognised expert in TensorFlow (1.X and 2.X) and in Machine Learning in general.

He has given training from CIOs, to researcher at top universities.

We work with Google organising training and events, like TensorFlow 2.0 Roadshow and we are active internationally in many countries like UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy.

Some of our partners

Some images of the 2-day training given at the O’Reilly AI Conference in London in October 2019.

The result of some participants after studying how Neural Style Transfer works.