Research Projects and Publications

Research / Paper

COVID-19 Mortality Prediction with Machine Learning

Learn more about our research in applying machine learning to predict mortality in COVID-19 patients in Italian hospitals.

Research / Paper

ML applied to acute coronary syndrome

We are really proud of multi-disciplinary research project in medicine that has resulted in an important paper on The Lancet in 2021.

Tutorial / Paper

Re-sampling Techniques review

A long and complete review on re-sampling techniques used in Machine Learning with particular emphasis on bootstrap.

Research Project

H2020 EU PARENT Project

PARENT is an EU-funded project aiming for early diagnosis of newborn motor/cognitive impairments. 

Research Project / ETHICS


A study of how story-telling surveys can be used to understand ethics.

Research Project / ETHICS

Society and Technology

What is the attitude of people toward new technologies? What do they think. A study that gives interesting insights.