We envision a world where a new era of science is possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence


Our first and most important goal is to have a positive impact on humanity. We believe that artificial intelligence should be used for the good of people in all possible fields: medicine, education, science and much more.


COVID-19 Crisis

In 2020 COVID-19 has changed completely our lives. Unfortunately, due to the virus, millions have died all over the world. To help we teamed up with doctors in Italy to develop a score using machine learning, that is currently used in the Piacenza hospital to help doctors better decide the best treatmens for COVID-19 patients with pneumoia admitted to the hospital.

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Early diagnosis of newborn motor/cognitive impairments.

We are responsible for AI in the PARENT project that envisions a multidisciplinary approach to challenge early diagnosis of newborn motor/cognitive impairments. PARENT will combine the efforts of a multidisciplinary and inter-sectorial network of several leading European research groups, industry partners, pediatric hospitals and associations to develop an innovative training context for 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) within the framework of European Training Network.

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Olive Oil Quality Determination

Assessing Olive Oil Quality is a process incredibly complex and costly. Both chemical analysis and panels of experts need to work together. This complexity leads to easy fraudlent activities that need to be addressed.


We are working on low-cost, portable sensors based on machine learning that can determin the quality with optical analysis with a paradigm-shifting design.

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Oxygen Concentration Determination

In the past years we have developed new neural network, based on Multi-Task Learning architectures, that can extract simultaneosuly Oxygen concentration and temperater at the same time, for an unprecedented accuracy, from optical measurements.

This long research work has resulted in several important papers in peer-reviewed journals and will allow completely new sensors to be build that are low-cost and portable.

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Machine learning theory

We believe that understanding machine learning mathematics is at the core of the ability of developing new and innovative ways of using ML in a scientifically sound way.

We enjoy studying the mathematics behind the methods to enable scientists of all kinds to use ML and present results in a correct and useful way.

Resampling techniques review