Intelligent data and image processing

Artificial Intelligence allows us today to overcome many technological limits. We can enhance data in ways that were unthinkable a few years before. Super resolution algorithms, advanced denoising and much more is possible today, making scientific data and imaging much cheaper and more accessible than ever.

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Denoising data

Noise in various forms is present in almost all scientific measurements. Very often it is hard to minimize it and many compromises are required to get good results. New algorithms can learn how to remove different kind of noise in real time, opening completely new possibilities for better and more reliable results with cheaper hardware.

Super Resolution

It is now possible to enlarge image or data resolution with algorithms that learn how the data is structured and how specific features of the image or data is behaving. New worlds of possibilities open up for many fields in which images and scientific data are at the core.
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Autoencoders Architecture - an introduction

One of the most basic neural network architecture that can achieve denoising and super resolution is the autoencoder. Read our article to get the fundamentals of this kind of neural network architecture and discover a world of new possibilities.


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