EU Horizon 2020 MSCA-ITN-ETN “PremAtuRe nEwborn motor and cogNitive impairmenTs: Early diagnosis (PARENT)”

PARENT is an EU-funded project aiming for early diagnosis of newborn motor/cognitive impairments. PARENT combines the efforts of a multidisciplinary network of leading European research groups, industry partners, paediatric hospitals and parents’ associations to develop a technological infrastructure that will train Early Stage Researchers (ESR) to conduct top-notch research in leading academic institutions, hospitals and industry R&D divisions. During the research there will be strong emphasis on career development and on achieving impact. PARENT multidisciplinary approach and technologies will make a critical contribution towards an open neurodevelopmental disease diagnostic software infrastructure by interlinking disciplines from clinical data, neuroimaging collection and processing, biomarkers, data fusion, machine learning applied to clinical data, novel prediction algorithms. PARENT approach can be included in the more general paradigm of evidence-based medicine, precision medicine and patient center-care, as well as decision support systems in clinical field.

PARENT offers in total 15 ESR/PhD research positions for 3 years (36 months), during which it is intended that a PhD project is started, provided positive evaluation. 

PhD Position available funded by TOELT

Funded by this project, TOELT GmbH is funding a 3 years PhD position related to this project. Details can be found in the Job Page.